My Biggest Cash Win So Far

1st place, winner take all.

$5 entry - $250 Winner Take All

$5 entry – $250 Winner Take All

I’m “Spry13” if you didn’t know – As my good buddy Craig always used to say “Boom shakalaka”

  • $5 entry
  • 1st place winner take all
  • $250 1st place prize
  • I win by 12.34

This is the most I’ve won so far. I’m playing the smaller buy-in tourneys with big fields at DraftKings. This same team in the $40k gTD finished 22nd. If Moreno woulda had a break out game I could have finished 2nd and taken home $2k. First was $4k but someone in front of me was also playing Moreno. 22nd paid $50.

Daily fantasy football is so much fun and I’m not even a ‘sports nut’. I love playing weekend fantasy football though. Pick a new team every contest(week/day etc) and root your guys on come Sunday! (or M/Thurs as well).

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