Fantasy Football Tips

Fantasy football tips for traditional and daily fantasy football leagues.

All Fantasy Football League Owners

  1. Know your scoring system and rules
  2. Know the NFL players and teams

Daily Fantasy Footballers

  1. Find the games with the least amount of overlay
  2. Gamblers – Play in games that offer large, guaranteed prize pools with low ($2, $5) entry fees (lesser chance to win greater prize money)
  3. Grinders – Play in multiple head-to-head and <10 owner weekly leagues with lower ($5, $10) entry fees (greater chance to win lesser prize money)
  4. Once you’ve found your games, find players for your team that offer the best value at their position that week
  5. Draft highest-priced studs at 1RB & 1WR, high-priced 1QB, then spread the rest of your pool on mid-priced high value players

Traditional Fantasy Football PPR League Owners

  1. Draft RB1 & RB 2 in the first 2 rounds of your draft. Look for 3 down backs that rack up catches and TD’s. There aren’t a lot of these guys in the league so you need to get them early.
  2. Grab WR1 & WR2 in rounds 3 & 4. Look for high target, #1 receivers who rack up catches and TD’s. Fill your skill positions early.
  3. Wait on your QB1 until round 5. There are many top level QB’s in the league and being able to grab a lower end top 10 QB that has potential to be in top 5. Look for high octane offenses that sling it. Think Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning. If the old man still has his arm, with all those weapons around him he could easily be top 5, if not tops in the league in QB fantasy points.
  4. TE in Round 6. Flex in Round 7. Best available rest of your draft. Defense & Kicker in final two rounds.
  5. Get your final rankings in order before your draft.
  6. Know your fellow league owners, at least their tendencies. All owners usually have a favorite NFL team they root for and you should know that. Usually an owner will value a player on their favorite team higher than you might. Review past drafts to see if they follow a pattern of drafting. The more information you know about your fellow league owners, the more you can use it to your advantage and their disadvantage.