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Types of Fantasy Football Leagues You Can Join

real-money-fantasy-footballFantasy Football Money Leagues

In 2006, the U.S. passed the UIGEA gambling law, carving out a specific ‘pass’ for fantasy football. It officially made playing fantasy football a legal way to gamble. With the explosion of the internet, and the popularity of fantasy football, real money fantasy football leagues have really taken off. Now you can play fantasy football for money and only have to worry about what players you should start or draft this week.

One-Week Fantasy Football Leagues

Commonly referred to as one-week fantasy football leagues, this twist makes it a fun way to enjoy the entire NFL season by drafting new teams every week. You start a new season every week. Didn’t like how last week’s players performed? Draft an entirely new team of players this week. You can also enter as many weekly leagues as you want. Make changes to your teams leading up to game time. When the NFL games start, your lineup is set for that week.

  • Best Weekly Fantasy Football Leagues w/ Cash Prizes:

One-Week Real Money Fantasy Football Leagues

Weekly Fantasy Football for Cash Money

One Week Fantasy Football Contests

The Future of Fantasy Football
  • Draft New Teams and Enter New Leagues Every Week

When your weekly fantasy teams finish in the money, your winning cash is deposited right into your account. Then you can draft more teams for next week and/or easily cash out. Don’t wait all season long to get paid!

Traditional Fantasy Football Leagues

Traditional fantasy football is a season long league, played with 8 to 16 team owners who are usually friends or co-workers. They each pay an entry fee and the money is distributed to the winning owners based on each leagues criteria and custom scoring systems. It started in the 60’s and has grown right along with the popularity of the NFL and has become easier to join leagues, track and manage your fantasy league points and standings and become less time consuming to manage multiple leagues. Top owners in the league receive cash, trophies or whatever prizes you like.  Common iterations are Sandard Leagues, PPR Leagues, Snake Drafts, Auction Drafts.

Season Long Fantasy Football Leagues

Similar to traditional fantasy football leagues, but the team owners usually don’t know each other. These leagues are facilitated through sites like and to go along with their fantasy football league manager systems. Some of these leagues are free, some require you to pay a one time entrance fee. Prizes are usually cash, but the NFL is now offering leagues where the prizes are official NFL merchandise and game played balls and gear.

  • Season-Long Fantasy Football Leagues w/ Cash & NFL Prizes:

Free Fantasy Football for 2013 NFL Season

Free Fantasy Football

The #1 Free Fantasy Football Game
  • & League Management for Traditional Leagues w/ Custom Scoring Systems

The NFL is looking to dominate the Free Fantasy Football space offering season long leagues and fantasy football management systems for private leagues.

Free Fantasy Football Leagues

Several of the one-week fantasy sites offer freerolls, but most require creating an account first and/or making a deposit. The NFL has embraced fantasy football [finally] and now offer free games over at that last the entirety of the NFL season. Free fantasy football leagues that pay out cash to the winners is a hard find, but luckily for you we have them here at! Choose your fantasy football league from your choices above for free weekly fantasy football leagues.

What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is a game where every day people like you and me, get to draft and be the general manager of their our very own NFL fantasy team(s). Each league assigns a scoring system which corresponds with how the players perform on the football field. So, if you draft Adrian Peterson to be on your team then the stats he accumulates during his NFL game this week will score you points in your league game. The object is to pick the best players for your team in hopes they score big during the weekend NFL games. Leagues now can last one week, one season, the season plus the playoffs and any variation thereof.  As you can see above there are many iterations of fantasy football including free leagues, one week leagues, weekly leagues and traditional season long leagues.

What Is Real Money Fantasy Football?

There are many kinds of real money fantasy football. From the traditional style fantasy football leagues with cash entries and prizes at the end for who wins in the playoffs to the new and fastest growing style of daily fantasy football sites. These are real money games that wrap up an entire season of traditional fantasy football in one week.

Real money fantasy football daily is where you draft your fantasy football teams on a weekly basis. Unlike traditional fantasy football leagues, you don’t have to assemble a squad of players to form your league, but instead your fantasy football league can be reset each week. Choose a real money fantasy football website, deposit funds and begin drafting your own team or teams that you can submit to join a current contest, league, pool or create your own leagues.

Like traditional fantasy football, daily fantasy football is a popular form of entertainment for tens of thousands of football fans across the world. Win real money and begin growing your fantasy football bankroll! Are you prepared to have a winning fantasy football season?

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To win at real money fantasy football, you must know the rules, the players, your competition and more.