Top 10 Wide Receivers For One-Week Fantasy Football

Selecting the right Wide Receiver for your Fantasy Football Rosters

When setting your roster in Daily Fantasy Sports it’s always a good thing to have an overall strategy in mind and this is especially true when it comes to picking the right wide receiver. In many cases you’ll seriously want to consider pairing up both a wide receiver and a quarterback from the same team figuring that if one plays well the other will too ? an ?all eggs in one basket? scenario that pays dividends in large entry tournaments especially. Another thing to consider is how points are scored and this can affect your selection. We?ll take a look at point scoring across both FanDuel and DraftKings for this position.

  • Receiving TD | 6 points at both sites
  • Receiving Yards | 0.1 point per yard at both sites
  • Reception | 1 point at DraftKings and 0.5 points at FanDuel
  • 100+ Yard Receiving Game | 3 point bonus at just DraftKings

Strategy wise the point scoring differences between the two sites do not alter much, however if you have a close decision between a solid, consistent (but not spectacular) wide receiver and a player who is either very hot or cold, but when hot is prone to a huge game, I’d go for the hot and cold player at DraftKings (on the basis that this player will hit 100 yards more often).

Top 10 Wide Receivers For 2014 Fantasy Footall

Picking potential players in the pre-season is a difficult one, but giving thought to who might be in your thoughts at this stage of the season is very useful as you?ll be able to close eye on these players in the pre-season and assess their form. Here are the ten of the top wide receivers and their prospects heading into 2014.

1. Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions

Johnson scored twelve Touchdowns last year and averaged 17.8 yards per reception for a total of 1492 yards. His overall performance was slightly down onthe previous year (1964 yards) although he did manage seven more TD?s. Johnson, however was never fully fit during 2013, so expect some big numbers if his fitness is 100%.

2. Demaryius Thomas – Denver Broncos

Thomas is improving year on year and it looks like he will be Manning?s number one man this year with Eric Decker having gone to the Jets. Last year he caught 14 TD passes ? whether he can do that again depends as much on Peyton Manning as Thomas, but if he is seeing more of the ball, it?s not impossible.

3. Brandon Marshall – Chicago Bears

Marshall is one of the NFL?s most solid receivers scoring 11 TD?s in 2012 and 12 in 2013. Seven straight years receiving over 1000 yards, this 30 year old will be a solid pick in many weekly rosters.

4. Dez Bryant – Dallas Cowboys

Bryant caught for 13 TD?s last year and 12 the year before and there is no reason to think that this upward progression will not continue. One word of caution however is that in the last two years he has fumbled eight times (which loses 2 points each time at FanDuel and a point at DraftKings).

5. AJ Green – Cincinnati Bengals

With eleven TD?s in each of the last two years and averaging over 80 yards per game, Green is a wide receiver who will make big numbers again this year ?
wonder how he would perform with one of the league?s premier quarterbacks throwing to him?

6. Julio Jones – Atlanta Falcons

Jones only managed five games in 2013 however in those outings caught for 116 yards per game. The previous year saw Jones catch for 10 TD?s. If jones stays fit we could see some very big numbers this year.

7. Jordy Nelson – Green Bay Packers

Nelson caught for 1314 yards at over 80 yards per game last year, all this despite missing QB Aaron Rodgers for a big part of the season. He has scored 30 TD?s in the last three years, so this is a player who can score big points.

8. Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers

In his 4 years in the NFL Brown has scored zero, two, five then eight TD?s which show a player improving every year. Last year was a standout year receiving for 1499 yards at over 90 yards per game.

9. Alshon Jeffery – Chicago Bears

Jeffery would be the number one wide receiver on many teams, but for Brandon Marshall on the other side. Jeffrey is however seeing more of the ball and he could improve on his 7 TD?s and 1421 yards from last year.

10. Vincent Jackson – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jackson is a solid player scoring nine, eight and seven TD?s in his last three years. Jackson led the league in yards per reception in 2013, but last year struggled with a rookie quarterback. Can expect something of an upturn this year.

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