Top 10 Tight Ends For Weekly Fantasy Football

Tight Ends To Use For Fantasy Football Week 1

The tight end is one of the most difficult positions in Daily Fantasy Sport as it isn?t always clear how much usage a player will see ? although with a player like Jimmy Graham, the position is changing as he is posting big numbers year on year. Here is a look at the top ten predicted Tight Ends for the 2014 season.

Top 10 Tight Ends For 2014

1. Jimmy Graham – New Orleans Saint

Graham is not a Tight End, he’s the Tight End. He sees a lot of the ball, last year catching the ball 86 times whilst scoring 16 touchdowns in the process, averaging 14.1 yards for each reception. Graham has averaged more than 5 receptions per game in each of the last three seasons.

2. Julius Thomas – Denver Bronco

Last year Thomas made 65 catches for 788 yards averaging 12 yards per reception. Impressively, Thomas also scored twelve touchdowns. The projections are that Thomas will see even more of the ball in 2014, as Eric Decker has moved to the Jets.

3. Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriot

Gronkowski is a player who is a good pick when fit and is therefore an ideal player in daily fantasy sports. He only started 6 games last year but still caught for 592 yards and scored 4 touchdowns. He scored 28 touchdowns in 27 starts in his previous two seasons.

4. Vernon Davis – San Francisco 49er

Davis is a solid pick as a tight end. Last year Davis made over 16 yards per reception and scored a career high equaling 13 touchdowns. Colin Kaepernick only threw 21 TD?s last year, so Davis is his go to guy in red zone.

5. Greg Olsen – Carolina Panthers

In the last two years Olsen has caught 69 and 73 passes respectively. This is not a player who scores a spectacular amount of TD?s but has scored at least five in each of the last six seasons (only scoring less in his rookie year). Olsen is a solid pick if the Panthers are favored.

6. Jordan Cameron – Cleveland Brown

In 14 starts last year, Cameron caught 80 passes for 917 yards scoring seven touchdowns in the process. With doubts about the participation of Josh Gordon this year, Cameron may see even more of the ball in 2014.

7. Dennis Pitta – Baltimore Raven

Pitta was expected to miss all of last season with a fractured hip, however he did come back for the last four games. Pitta is fit and raring to go this year and will look to improve on his 7 touchdowns and 669 yards of 2012.

8. Jordan Reed – Washington Redskins

In his rookie season, Reed caught for 499 yards in 45 receptions, also scoring three touchdowns ? impressive considering he only started four times. With Griffin expected to bounce back this year, Reed could improve on this figures massively in 2014.

9. Kyle Rudolph – Minnesota Viking

Rudolph had a disappointing year in 2013, catching just 30 passes for 313 yards and three touchdowns ? although he did this is just eight games. A full season will see Rudolph improve, perhaps matching or even improving on his 9 TD?s in 2012.

10. Charles Clay – Miami Dolphin

Clay caught 69 passes last year for 759 yards and 6 touchdowns, taking full advantage when stepping up because of injury. You can perhaps expect even more this year with a full year at tight end under his belt.

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