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Join the founders of the ‘Freak’, Fuller & Spry, as we compete head-to-head each week at DraftKings. We play in the weekly contests like all the other weekly fantasy football owners, however, we also compete in our own NFL ‘FREAK’ league that tracks our weekly scores for the entire year.

NFL FREAK League Leaderboards


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One-Week Fantasy Football Leagues All Season Long

The Freak League is now in it’s fourth season. It’s the first head-to-head, weekly, season-long fantasy football league of it’s kind. It adds yet another exciting, competitive, low-stakes twist to one of the best games going. The Freak League lasts the entire 2014 NFL regular season. See below on how to join in on the fun.

  • Top Team Score (S) – Criteria: Submit the highest team score of the Season | Win: $50
  • Total League Points (S) – Criteria: Finish the Season with the most league points | Win: $50
  • Total League Wins (S) – Criteria: Finish the Season with the most league wins | Win: $50

Fantasy Usernames

Draft Kings
  • Fuller – Freak
  • Spry – Spry13

Stay tuned to for information on prizes and how you can participate and compete in more fantasy football leagues!